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Translation for Automotive

Translation for Automotive

  • technical manuals
  • operating manuals
  • maintenance manuals
  • technical project specifications
  • technical datasheets
  • material safety data sheets
  • standards
  • patents

British and American cars express fuel consumption of cars in ‘miles per gallon’ (mpg). Unfortunately they don’t use the same gallon. The Imperial gallon, still sometimes used in metric Britain, is 4.542 litres, whereas the US gallon is somewhat smaller, at 3.785 litres. So a car which does 30 mpg in England achieves only 25 mpg in the States.The rest of the world uses either kilometres per litre or litres per 100 km. 25 US mpg is equivalent to 10.63 km per litre. Usually this is turned upside down and expressed as 9.41 l/100 km.These subtle but significant differences highlight the importance of working with linguists who are specialised in a specific field and who use up-to-date tools.Unprecedented levels of R&D make return on investment a key consideration. This drives the need to sell worldwide to take advantage of the globalization boom. Clear and accurate communication in local languages is more and more important, in an industry with zero margin for error.For technical documents, a failure to use state-of-the-art translation software often results in errors. In addition, although it is updated regularly, a technical document will rarely change significantly. QuickSilver’s Translation-Memory based methodology means that you will only pay for changes made, rather than for the translation of the entire document, each time you adjust a few paragraphs.A poor quality translation will also slip up on issues such as the difference between a UK and a US billion, a decimal point or a decimal comma, or the conversion of metric to imperial measurements. QuickSilver’s team of highly experienced and specialised translators will ensure that any financial documentation is absolutely accurate, both in terms of language and figures.

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