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Translation for Publishing, Education & E-Learning

Translation for Publishing, Education & E-Learning

The status of English as the world’s lingua franca means its capacity for growth is unlimited. Translation for Publishing and technology breakthroughs over the last few decades allow small businesses to have a truly global reach.But anything written in a language other than English risks being ignored forever. If you´re in this industry, you have no choice but to write in English!For education as an industry, this means the whole world is full of potential customers. The only challenge is finding them! And Translation for Publishing is a huge element of that.

Website localisation has huge experience in localising websites for companies of all sizes. Whatever your linguistic requirements, we will help you explore the power of the internet.We specialise in translating anything related to education. We have worked with a number of leading business schools, translating and localising their internal documents, marketing materials and academic publications (case studies, articles, books, etc.).

Working with Content Management Systems (CMS)

As for e-learning, our experience with Content Management Systems (CMS) and web localisation guarantee the best possible translations.Our methodology allows us to work directly with exchange or interchange formats exported directly from our customers’ CMS system.

In conclusion, Quicksilver Translate can assist you with all your linguistic, translation and editing needs.

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