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WordPress and WPML for new customers

To set up WordPress and WPML for new customers you need to follow three easy steps:

  1. Click here to download WPML to your WordPress site (you’ll need Multilingual CMS or Multilingual Agency version).
  2. Select QuickSilverTranslate.com from the list of certified partners.
  3. Ask us for a free API Token (code) to connect automatically to our service (form at bottom of this page).

Start translating!

Benefits of working with WordPress and WPML through QuickSilver

  • Peace of mind – knowing that someone is available to handle all technical support, as well as provide great translations.
  • Several support options available – basic or advanced technical and linguistic support.
  • Build any sort of multilingual website on WordPress without having to worry about translation (corporate sites, e-commerce sites, brochures, catalogues, etc.), listing sites, etc.

Getting started and Training

Never used WPML before? Don´t worry! We’ll walk you through the entire process using either

  • an introductory, WPML Online Training session (€50) for complete newbies! or
  • the Getting Started guide , which explains how to use our WPML translation service. This will walk you step-by-step through the process of connecting with QuickSilverTranslate.com.

WordPress and WPML for new customers – FAQs.

Just click here to see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Not using WordPress? Or not sure if WPML will work for you? No problem! Quicksilver offers a number of website translation options.

Take a look at our Translation Proxy service!

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In conclusion, Quicksilver Translate’s linguistic services can assist you with all your corporate translation and editing needs. Contact us for more information, or a quote.