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Multilingual PDFs: FAQs

We understand your concerns about Multilingual PDFs and hope to answer them here. If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q: Will the Multilingual PDF contain “Google” quality translations?

Answer: No. All QuickSilver translations are carried out highly-qualified and experienced professionals (native speakers of the target language). The translation process will be the same as all other projects handled by QuickSilver Translate.

Q: Can I send a Multilingual PDF via e-mail? Will the recipient be able to see the translations?

Answer: Yes, multilingual PDFs are e-mailable! And all the translations are contained within the file — so that they can be read by the recipient, even if they are off-line.

Q: How big is a Multilingual PDF?

Answer: File size is primarily related to the number and resolution of graphics and photographs. However, text requires minimal data (and therefore, less file size). A Multilingual PDF stores graphics and photographs only once. This keeps the file almost as small as the original, monolingual version.

Q: Can I print a Multilingual PDF? What language will it print in?

Answer: Yes, you can send it to your printer just like a normal PDF. It will be printed in whichever language you have selected at the time.

Q: How expensive is a Multilingual PDF?

Answer: The minimum price is €150. Typically, this will be a single file in two languages and a maximum of four pages. For more files, languages or pages, we would need to analyse it and prepare a quote. You can send a request to us here: Contact

Q: I’ve already had my document translated, can I have a Multilingual PDF with my own translations?

Answer: You can send us your original file (ideally in InDesign, but we can also work with PDFs, or other formats), and your existing translations, and we will combine them into a Multilingual PDF for you.

Q: Can Quicksilver Translate help me with layout/desktop publishing?

Answer: Yes, we can help you design or modify your original file, extract text, translate and lay the translations out, anything you need! Just write to us here: Contact

Q: Is the Multilingual PDF editable?

Answer: No, it is not editable by the user.

Q: What document formats can I convert into a Multilingual PDF?

Answer: We can convert practically anything into a Multilingual PDF — InDesign documents work best — but we can also work with MS Word, MS Powerpoint, or Adobe Illustrator.

Q: Can I read a Multilingual PDF directly in my browser?

Answer: No, sadly most web browsers do not currently support this format. It is best to download the file and use Adobe Reader (download it here for free) or another PDF Reader.

In conclusion, Quicksilver Translate can assist you with all your linguistic, translation and editing needs.

Contact us for more information, or a quote.