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Proxy web translation – FAQs

We understand that you have questions regarding proxy web translation, and hope to answer all your FAQs here. However, If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Proxy web translation FAQs

Q: Will QuickSilver Translate be able to find the source content that needs translation?

A: We know you don’t want your visitors to see mixed language pages — how unprofessional! So, QuickSilver Proxy works on three levels to avoid this kind of mixed language (bleed through) issue:

  • QuickSilver Proxy keeps an eye on the original website and searches for new content, by regularly crawling the domain.
  • Sophisticated staging: The Proxy server caches pages, during the translation process. This means, the source text is only replaced when all the new content on the page has been translated.
  • First visit alert: If no staging is used, QuickSilver sends an alert if a visitor arrives on a page where there is untranslated content.

Q: How reliable is the service? We don’t want our visitors to see a “404 page not found” error message.

A: QuickSilver Proxy runs on Google’s AppEngine. This is the same infrastructure used by Google Search, Gmail and all related Google apps. The AppEngine provides 99.95+% SLA, guaranteed by Google.

Q: How scalable is QuickSilver Proxy? Will our visitors experience a big drop in service when we launch a campaign?

A: Let’s suppose your campaign launch results in a million visitors in a single day — and let’s hope it does! QuickSilver Proxy can easily handle this volume, thanks to the support of Google’s infrastructure.

Q: If we decide to stop using QuickSilver Proxy, will we still be able to access our translations?

A: There is no such vendor-lock risk. Your translations will always be within your reach — we just store them. You can download your Translation Memory (containing every translation we have undertaken for you) at any time.

Q: Does the service require in-house IT support and/or expertise?

A: One key benefit of this service is removing all IT friction from the content owner’s side of the translation process. The user interface is simple, and our team will complete the set-up.

Q: The service sounds great — does that mean it’s very expensive?

A: The cost of this service is highly competitive, factored against the time, and money, cost of IT and project management incurred during the traditional website translation process.

Contact us for a consultation to see if QuickSilver’s proxy web translation service is the best solution for your company.

In conclusion, Quicksilver Translate can assist you with all your linguistic, translation and editing needs.

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