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QuickSilver Partnership Program

If you have not visited the About us section of our website, start there first. What makes our Partnership Program and Agent Program so exceptional is our company. QuickSilver Translate are long-established as a leading translation agency, however we are more than that: We offer comprehensive, end-to-end linguistic solutions. The depth of knowledge and experience we bring to the table, is complemented by our everyday commitment to providing excellent service to each and every customer.

As a partner or agent with QuickSilver Translate, you can expect nothing less than the best service and support from us. We are committed to driving success — for our customers, employees and agents alike.

Join the #1 Partnership Program

If you want to become part of a leading agency — where you are more of a solutions provider than an agent — then QuickSilver’s Partnership Program is the right choice.

Achieve success and continued growth with QuickSilver Translate

We offer a very simple route into our Agent and Partnership Program. As a traditional partner agent you keep your brand, as well as leveraging QuickSilver’s services and capabilities to win more business. For instance:

  1. You can sell your core marketing services, but also work with QuickSilver to offer your customers a Multilingual PDF solution, or
  2. Continue to produce Spanish to English translations for your customers, but also deliver fully-formatted translations into languages you don’t even speak!
  3. You can help your customers design and maintain their website, but also offer to handle the entire translation process using our Proxy Web Translation service.

The extent to which you leverage your partnership with QuickSilver Translate is up to you, but the more involved you get, the more business you can generate for yourself.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for experienced, service-oriented companies and individuals with a proven track record; excellent connections and relationships in a specific company, industry or geographic area; and who believe in the concept of collaborative networking.

In other words, individuals who want to:

  • Increase their turnover
  • Create new revenue streams
  • Offer their customers truly innovative services
  • Offer higher added value to their existing customers, ensuring they keep them for longer
  • Improve their brand image

But, without having the stress and obligation to make additional investments, take on more risk, take on more resources or personnel, or to meet sales objectives. Furthermore, you will not have to endure a steep learning curve, nor deal with entrance or exit barriers

What do you get out of it?

Partners and agents choose to do business with QuickSilver because, with us — you’re not alone. We have the infrastructure and methodology to provide you with back-office support from start to finish, so you can focus your time and talent on making the sale.

QuickSilver Translate has been around for more than 15 years, and have delivered over 25,000 projects in over 50 language combinations. We have a highly-experienced team of account and project managers, as well as the best and latest in IT and CAT tools. If your customers have issues, we can provide the right resource to get them resolved much quicker.

The QuickSilver Partnership Program offers three types of benefits:


  • The possibility of offering specialised translation services into all languages, in all major formats
  • Flexible contracts, that let you decide how you want to leverage your partnership with us
  • Access to our experienced account and project managers
    • Hands-on project management, accurate commission tracking and attention to detail that ensures the job is done right
  • Easy access to our managing partners (Colin and Stephen)
  • Access to our internal resources: language leads, translators, editors, reviewers, designers, engineers, etc.
  • The benefits of our online tools and expertise
    (ERP, CRM, CAT, web, etc.)
  • Partner Portal with CRM tools and instant quoting to make your business more efficient
  • Joint marketing plans (for advanced level collaboration)
  • Joint lead generation (for advanced level collaboration)


  • Basic training (products, pricing, presentations)
  • One point of contact anytime you have questions or problems
  • Association with our brand and multinational references
    • Instant credibility, with a story to tell, when you refer prospects to QuickSilver Translate
  • ISO 9001 certification
  • On-time delivery guarantee
  • The possibility of marketing our services as “own brand”
  • Advanced training (sales techniques, project management, marketing via social media, e-mail, etc.)


  • 10% commission on any business generated by introducing us to a customer contact (managed and invoiced by QuickSilver)
  • 15% commission on any project managed by QuickSilver but invoiced directly by you

Integrity, trust and a relationship you can count on

Personal attention and responsive service drives everything we do at QuickSilver Translate. We go the extra mile to treat your business and your customers like our own. We offer responsiveness, assurance and customer satisfaction.

If you’re interested in joining the program, contact Stephen direct.

In conclusion, Quicksilver Translate can assist you with all your linguistic, translation and editing needs.

Contact us for more information, or a quote.