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Multilingual PDF

Combine your various language-version files into a single Multilingual PDF Change language with a Click!

Quicksilver uses PDF formatting to create a file with all languages included – simply click to change language. If you already have the translated copy, send us your documents and we can create the Multilingual PDF for you.

No coding required

Never again manage multiple, single-language files. Easy to use, simply click to select your language.

Instant switching between languages

Useful for quality control, better comprehension and managing version control.

Use your own translations if you prefer

No need to pay again for translation services, if you already have your copy translated.

Multi-regional information

Ensure all your teams, worldwide, are working to the same script, and all information reaches every client.

What are Multilingual PDFs and what are they for?

Multilingual, or multi-language, PDFs were developed because multinational corporations and SMEs alike waste huge time, effort and costs in creating and managing files – re-creating the same content, at a cost of one additional file per language.

Quicksilver Translate is no exception, and in fact our first Multilingual PDF was our own corporate presentation – which is now available in several languages, all in one file.

The PDF (portable document format) has become THE format for exchanging documents across companies and regions. All you need is a (free) copy of Adobe Reader on your computer.

Our multilingual technique allows our customers to maintain a single PDF file which not only includes all their translations, it also allows them to switch from one language version to another by simply clicking on a flag, or similar selector button.

To create the file, our customers can choose between two options: Give us your documents for translation, and include the creation of a Multilingual PDF, or send us your previously translated docs for creation of Multilingual PDFs.

The product has multiple benefits:

Improved quality control, as reviewing your translations is much easier with one-click switching on your screen

Simpler graphics maintenance, as you only make modifications to photos, drawings, tables, etc, once!

Improved version control, as all your language versions stay together in a single file

Send a single PDF to all your contacts

Improve user experience by letting your stakeholders choose their preferred language.

The WOW factor, impress your customers and stakeholders!

Starting from 150€ (4-page doc, 2 languages) Imagine sending a single, Multilingual PDF to ALL RECIPIENTS! And let your users choose which language they want read.

Starting from 150€ (4-page doc, 2 languages)

So just imagine sending a single, Multilingual PDF to ALL RECIPIENTS! And let your users choose which language they want read.

In conclusion, Quicksilver Translate’s linguistic services can assist you with all your corporate translation and editing needs.

Contact us for more information, or a quote.