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Website Localisation

Website localisation will globalise your Brand Identity

The world is increasingly globalised and borderless. Therefore, communicating your global message to local markets is more important than ever. The quality of your translated content is fundamental for obtaining quality and website localisation is crucial. This is true whether we are talking about your website, corporate materials or legal contracts.

What is website localisation?

Website localisation is the process of translating not just information, but also your message and style into different languages. It can also be defined as adapting a language for a specific country or region. This can mean differences in spelling or double meanings. These quirks are what makes languages so fascinating!For example, take translation projects in Latin America. Problems often arise because there are many different variations of Spanish used in that region. QuicksilverTranslate.com will help you identify and respond to these challenges.

Key difficulties

The key difficulty of website localisation is that software is rarely designed with multiple language solutions in mind.So, it may seem easy to copy and paste text into and out of the ‘back end’ of a site. Most interfaces, however, are broadly incompatible with the leading edge Computer Assisted Software (CAT) software that Quicksilver uses. We combine this software with industry-specific expertise. We are therefore able to offer a simple approach, adding value at every step of the translation process.Finally, we can take control of the whole process for you. Our WPML Translation Manager service means we can manage all translation-related tasks from inside your site. All you have to do is create a Translation Manager user for us and forget all about it!

Service options


We help you install the plug-in in WordPress, you manage translations seamlessly, connected directly to us.More information.

· WPML Translation Manager

Create a Translation Manager user for us within WordPress and we’ll manage the whole thing for you!More information.

· Server-to-server (S2S) Web Services translation

Our new S2S Web Services translation service is based on a technology called SOAP. SOAP is a messaging protocol for exchanging structured information in computer networks.More information.

· Proxy web translation

This solution works like a real-time interpreter between visitors and your server. QuickSilver Proxy fetches the actual content with the actual layout from your server. Then it translates it on the fly using the previously created translation memory. Finally, it displays your unaltered website in the visitors’ native language.More information.To summarise, we are very familiar with CMS packages. This enables us to offer extremely competitive pricing opportunities.

In conclusion, Quicksilver Translate’s linguistic services can assist you with all your corporate translation and editing needs.

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