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Proxy web translation

Proxy web translation is a fully hosted, cloud‑based platform requiring minimal IT support. It has number of key advantages, including speed, easy editing, cost-effectiveness. Furthermore, there is no complex code, and full TM/Glossary integration. How does it work? Well, Translation Proxy intercepts the text content from your web page, on its way to the browser, and exchanges it for the equivalent content in the language chosen by the visitor. 

This means you can offer your website in multiple languages, without any additional changes. Translation Proxy can also handle images, attachments, links and metadata (e.g. for SEO). Finally, optional caching ensures the languages remain in sync. 

In other words, Proxy acts like a real-time interpreter between visitors and your server. It translates on-the-fly using a previously created Translation Memory, and places the translated text into your unaltered website, in the visitors’ chosen language.

The proxy can also crawl your site (as often as you choose) to search for new or updated content. Automatic content discovery makes live editing easy. When the Proxy identifies new content, it delivers it to your Account Manager for translation, and updates the TM. Translation proxy can also integrate with a machine translation service for real-time translations.

As a result, your team will no longer waste time on managing the translation process. They can focus instead on creating original content, in their own language, that adds real value to your business. Meanwhile, Google can index your translated segments (within the same domain), further contributing to your online marketing efforts. 

Key benefits

  • Update all languages simultaneously
  • Automatic content discovery and extraction
  • Translation in your original layout
  • Translations appear in real-time
  • Discounts available for repeated text segments
  • NO coding required!

“We are amazed. New content is automatically detected and translated directly on our website without sending them any text and without uploading translations ourselves.” 

Mark Earl, CEO at

QuickSilver’s proxy web translation service

The process

  • QuickSilver extracts, analyses and translates your text;
  • We upload your translated text to an integrated cloud-based translation database.
  • The proxy performs regular scans of your site to search for new or modified copy (weekly or bi-weekly as required).
  • We translate any new content, and update the database.
  • There is minimal client involvement: the client adds language buttons to the site (we can supply buttons if required) and re-directs the DNS.

Our monthly fee includes

  • Hosting of all translations.
  • Automatic content discovery and extraction;
  • We translate new content upon discovery, and update automatically.
  • 20 000 page views / per month.
  • Translation of the first 200 words of any new content (<200 words @ price/word).

For further information, see our FAQs, or contact us for a consultation and a quote.

In conclusion, Quicksilver Translate can assist you with all your linguistic, translation and editing needs.

Contact us for more information, or a quote.