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Not just translation! We also provide Audiovisual Services

We provide a range of professional Audiovisual Services

Our Audiovisual and Interpreting department provides a full range of services including: subtitling, interpreting, translation for dubbing, and accessibility (subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing), as well as audio description. We offer skilled translation and technical expertise.

As with our translation service, we offer all language combinations — from any source language to any target language. Our linguists guarantee consistency between projects, by using style guides, and a single reviewer for each project. We will be happy to analyse your translation, audiovisual and interpreting needs and provide the best possible solution. We can handle large volumes and our software (CAT Tools) guarantee consistency in the long term — this is especially important for subtitling TV Series and long movies. In fact, we have translated and subtitled an Oscar winner!

As well as standard subtitling, we also offer Closed Captions subtitling (for the deaf and hard-of-hearing). For closed captions we adapt the text, and applied reading speed, to the age of the viewers that the program is addressed to.

Find out more: Subtitling and Closed Captions

For blind and visually impaired viewers, we offer audiodescription, also referred to as a video-description. This is a visual description — a form of narration used to provide information surrounding key visual elements in a film, TV, or theatrical performance.

This is a fast-moving industry, and we regularly attend industry seminars and conferences to ensure we are up to date with all the latest developments. We perform a pre-analysis of the lapses between dialogue or significant sound elements, and always try to avoid subjectivity in the descriptions. 

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At Quicksilver Translate we offer a number of audiovisual digitalisation services for a variety of audiovisual content. We have extensive experience with movies, documentaries, cartoons and other types of content.

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Transcription is the process of reproducing the sounds of speech, in written form, using special symbols and a set of exact rules. We offer a professional transcription service, from any spoken language source, into a printed form. For example, an audio MP3 file into a Word document or PDF.

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QuickSilver Translate is able to respond to any level of interpreting requirement, from simultaneous interpreting for major conferences, to consecutive interpreting for conferences with small audiences. As well as chuchotage, or whispering, for any meeting at which all the participants do not speak the same language.

Find out more: Interpreting

At QuickSilver Translate, we apply academic research to the audiovisual market. We combine linguistic and technical expertise to provide a premium service.

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