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About QuickSilver – The origin of QuickSilverTranslate.com

So, talking about Quicksilver, who are we? QuickSilverTranslate.com was born in May 2004 in CEO Stephen Whiteley‘s front room. In October of 2004 Colin Whiteley joined him after 35 years in the fire protection industry. By 2006 the Barcelona office was up and running.

ISO 9001: 2015 certification obtained

In 2006 QuickSilverTranslate.com gained ISO 9001:2015 certification. This certification offers assurance to customers that they are employing a company that can deliver quality consistently.

About QuickSilver – International expansion

Following a visit in 2012, the Miami office was opened . This expanded the company’s reach to a truly global scale. The Madrid office was opened in 2019. However, there is more to come…

About QuickSilver.com – the team

The core team now has twelve people. This includes account managers, translators, reviewers. It also includes designers, localisation managers, desktop publishing experts and a digital community manager. We have a vibrant online community too.


Additionally, we also have a database of 4500 qualified, specialised translators. This enables the company to translate from any language into any other language!


Finally, we have a popular language blog which features original articles. As well as vibrant Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn communities. Drop in and say hi!

The future of QuickSilverTranslate.com

QuickSilverTranslate.com’s aim in 2020 is twofold. Firstly, to maintain our place at the forefront of the language services industry. And secondly, to continue offering our clients the best linguistic work possible.

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About QuickSilver – The Team

In conclusion, Quicksilver Translate’s linguistic services can assist you with all your corporate translation and editing needs.

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