Send a MULTILINGUAL PDF to all your contacts, let them switch language with a single click

Wow your contacts with a new type of document!

Mark Earle, CEO at“All my prospects are amazed. They’ve never seen
anything like it!”

Joaquim Pareras, CEO at

No coding required

Forget having to manage one file per language. Never again manage multiple, language-dependent files.

Instant switching between languages

Useful for quality control, better comprehension and managing version control.

Use your own translations if you prefer

No need to buy translation services if you already have your own solution.

Multiregional information

Ensure all your teams, worldwide, are working to the same script, and all information reaches every client.

Some Of Our Clients

American AirlinesSiemensMandarin Oriental HotelDiscovery Channel

from 150€


Combine your Multilingual PDF with’s leading-edge translation methodology, or use your own translations!

  • Send a single PDF to all your contacts
  • Wow your customers and associates!
  • Let them choose what language they read it in!
  • Instant switching between languages!
  • Starting from 150€ (4-page doc, 2 languages)


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