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WPML Translation Management

What is WPML Translation Management?

WPML Translation Management. You’ve spent who knows how much time writing the content for your website. And you’ve found someone to translate it. Congratulations, you’ve launched your multilingual site! So you’re done now, right? Well… not exactly.Websites aren’t static, they’re dynamic. Every time you add, modify or delete content, you’ll want to get those changes made in all the translated versions. And that means ­­­­­copying and pasting, emailing back and forth, or maybe exporting and importing translations. Simple enough when you do it once in a while, but the management costs for multilingual sites can grow exponentially as more content and languages are added.All this can be cut down significantly by using the WPML plugin: no copying and pasting, no exporting and importing, and no unnecessary email chains.But someone still has to select the pages that need translating, send them off to be translated, receive the translations, and publish them. Wouldn’t it be great if someone else could take care of all of that, so you can focus on doing what you do best? has an easy solution: WPML Translation Manager, a powerful add-on that allows you to designate someone else to organize the translation of your website so you can focus on your work.

Select who can manage your translations

With WPML Translation Manager, can offer you a totally streamlined translation process: from start to finish, we make sure top-quality translations appear on your site like magic.Most sites have a webmaster or “admin” that sets up the website and maintains it, and that person often isn’t in-house. Similarly, you can designate an external Translation Manager to manage all translation work, without having to give out admin access to other sections in the backend. You can even add backup translation managers within your own organization, or multiple users at the one-time connection between your site and Quicksilver Translate is established (using a unique API Token that we send you upon request), you can designate a Translation Manager who can handle all the content for translation with just a few clicks.

Save time and costs by having us manage your multilingual site

When you decided to take your site to the next level by making it multilingual, you knew you’d have to include translation costs in your budget. But you may not have been aware of the hidden management cost of handling the translations in house: all that time spent copying and pasting, exporting and importing content and sending files over email can be overwhelming and frustrating. With as your Translation Manager, you can forget all about that and spend your time on your actual work.

Easy updates

How will know which pages need updating? When you make edits to the original pages, Translation Management will display a series of notification icons next to the updated pages. That way, we can easily see which pages are fully translated, which need an update, and which haven’t been translated yet.This considerably reduces back-and-forth emails, so your time can be used productively on other matters.There’s even a Feedback Module to ensure translation quality: if enabled, it allows your site’s visitors to rate the translated content and leave feedback about any issues they might find. As Translation Managers, we can see the feedback and handle any necessary changes.So, making your website multilingual can be easy and hassle-free. Ask us about WPML Translation Management and we can take care of it for you!

In conclusion, Quicksilver Translate’s linguistic services can assist you with all your corporate translation and editing needs.

Contact us for more information, or a quote.

In conclusion, Quicksilver Translate’s linguistic services can assist you with all your corporate translation and editing needs.

Contact us for more information, or a quote.