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Translation Agency Professional translation services for business and professionals

Quicksilver Translate

We are an ISO-9001-certified Translation Agency, offering a full range of linguistic, editing, translation and management services. We provide high quality, competitive pricing and fast delivery.

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Translation management

We provide multilingual translation services and desktop publishing solutions. We manage every aspect of the translation process, and can therefore shorten the time-to-market of your translated documents.

Global Reach

We have offices in Barcelona, Madrid, London and Miami, and therefore global reach. We can translate to, or from, practically any language.

How do we do it

We use cutting-edge translation software and processes. Our team of qualified translators and editors ensure consistent quality. Our project managers can carry out large projects in short timeframes.

Levels of Service

The word ‘quality’ is used by everyone in the translation world — all clients want it, and all suppliers offer it. At QuickSilver Translate we offer four pricing levels, and we make recommendations to customers based on their business goals and objectives. Which level of service is chosen for any given project depends on:

  • How important is the document?
  • Is it for internal use, or will you send it to clients?
  • How much money are you willing to spend on translating it?
  • How fast do you need it?
  • And, how much review time are you willing to spend internally?

▸ Basic

Machine translation

For own use:
To ensure a basic understanding of incoming documents, or market research for internal use.

▸ Basic plus

Machine translation
+ Professional editor

For everyday use:
Internal communications, emails/ letters.

▸ Classic

Professional translator

For professional use:
Presentations, social media posts, or blog posts.

▸ Premium

Account manager
+ Professional translator
+ Professional editor
Specialist reviewer

For external publication:
Client deliverables, marketing collateral.

Translation Agency

We are Quicksilver Translate, an ISO-9001-certified translation management company. Find out more…

Multilingual websites

Translation via Proxy server is a fast and easy way to manage your multilingual website. Find out more…

Multilingual PDFs

One PDF with all languages included – change language with a single click! Find out more…

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