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Technical translation

As with financial and legal translations, the translation of technical documents (technical translation) requires an extremely high degree of accuracy and fidelity to the original text: terminology must be translated appropriately, and even a slight imprecision could have very serious legal implications.

Furthermore, clear and accurate communication in local languages is essential in an industry with zero margin for error. This is set against an increasingly complicated regulatory background. For example, the Chinese authorities are by no means the only ones who now require all relevant approval documentation to be translated and submitted in the local language.

  • Technical manuals
  • Operating / Maintenance manuals
  • Technical datasheets / specifications
  • Material safety datasheets
  • Standards and Patents

Advanced software

In technical translation, using efficient, professional translation software is essential – failing to do so, can often results in errors. In addition, although technical documents need regular updates, they will rarely require significant changes. Our Translation Memory software means that you will only pay for changes made, rather than for the translation of the entire document, each time you adjust a few paragraphs.

Terminology and technical translation knowledge

A poor quality translation could slip up on important issues such as the difference between a UK and a US billion, a decimal point or a decimal comma, miles per gallon*, or the conversion of metric to imperial measurements. QuickSilver’s team of highly experienced and specialised translators will ensure that any technical documentation is absolutely accurate, both in terms of language, and figures.

*Miles per gallon: British and American cars express the fuel consumption of cars in “miles per gallon” (mpg). Unfortunately they don’t use the same gallon. The Imperial gallon, still sometimes used in metric Britain, is 4.542 litres. Whereas the US gallon is somewhat smaller, at 3.785 litres. So a car which does 30 mpg in England achieves only 25 mpg in the States.

Fire protection engineering

We have successfully completed more than 2500 projects in this field, for clients in over 20 countries. As such, we believe we are world leaders in multilingual documentation for fire protection engineering. Not least, thanks to Colin Whiteley’s experience of more than 30 years in this industry. Colin has unmatched, first-hand experience of the issues and challenges of producing, and maintaining, multilingual, technical documentation.

For more on technical translation: Translating large technical documents

In conclusion, Quicksilver Translate can assist you with all your linguistic, translation and editing needs.

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