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Format conversion

It’s easy to think that translation is just words, but translating professional documents also entails design and desktop publishing. When you render a document with text, images, graphs and charts into another language, you must consider both format and layout. For example, sometimes a layout might need to be adjusted to accommodate translated text, or the format may need conversion from older software.

In the past, the only way to translate text in a format such as InDesign or PowerPoint, was for the translator to be a licensed user and overwrite the original text (copy-and-paste): a laborious and error-prone process. This traditional process is effective to an extent but is slow and open to various complications and pitfalls. 

Some graphic-specific programs can complicate the process: Illustrator or its predecessor Freehand, for example, will considerably increase the time and cost of text processing. It is sometimes quicker to recreate the entire document in a more suitable format. We are, of course, able to convert older files (e.g. Freehand, Coral Draw, Quark XPress, Ventura or PageMaker) into more versatile, newer formats.

QuickSilver has adopted a more integrated approach to design, desktop publishing and translation, in which the process is streamlined to improve efficiency and reduce overall costs. This integrated approach consolidates all elements of a translation project into one continuous workflow, combining DTP software and processes, with state-of-the-art translation software.

Will your files need format conversion?


In conclusion, Quicksilver Translate can assist you with all your linguistic, translation and editing needs.

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