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A Collaborative Approach

In many cases, translators need to cooperate with users of other software products. We understand that your technical staff sometimes need to edit, or modify the translation. Additionally, many clients prefer to have their translated documents edited or proofread by their own in-house reviewer, proofreader or copywriter. However, translating the materials in-house requires time, energy, knowledge and resources. With this new collaborative approach, we treat the translation process as a streamlined collaboration between QuickSilver Translate, the Language Service Provider (LSP), and you, the client.

The benefits of a Collaborative Approach

  • Fast, and offers value for money.
  • Quality is guaranteed as your own experts have checked it.
  • It allows for pre-translation (by machine or human).
  • It allows clients to modify translations which will end up being used in another format (eg: InDesign).
  • No manual updating – simply modify the bilingual RTF file.
  • Multiple users can contribute to the same project — it is totally editable by anyone (in Word).
  • Both the client and the translator can add comments to aid the process.
  • Once edited, the file is simply re-imported — avoiding a manual process which costs time and money.
  • Your translations are saved for re-use in future projects.
  • All terminology modifications are added to your (client-specific) Termbase, ensuring long-term consistency.

What are bilingual RTF files?

Bilingual RTF files can be read, reviewed, translated or edited in Microsoft® Word® (and similar word processing software), without the need for specialised translation software. Furthermore, some translation tools actually make it more efficient to work with them.

The bilingual format means that the original and the translation appear side by side, sentence by sentence. The reviewer can make any changes they require, easily, within Word. When the finished text is sent back to us, we re-import the edited or proofread segments back into our translation software. By exporting a translated document to this format, any user can work on a document prepared using specialised translation software.

Bilingual RTFs are much better than comments in a PDF; which can be misunderstood or overlooked, leading to time-consuming manual changes. And the process is light! That is to say, there’s no heavy graphics, or complex procedures to learn.

Find out more about bilingual RTFs

The Process

Send us your files

We can deal with almost any format, such as InDesign, Illustrator, Word, PowerPoint, XLF, etc.


We extract your content, import it into our CAT tools (translation software), and translate into your target language. At QuickSilver Translate we offer four pricing levels, and we make recommendations to customers based on their business goals and objectives. Post-translation, we export the translated text into a bilingual RTF and email it to you (or directly to your reviewer/technician).

Editing and Review

Your reviewer/technical expert can modify the translation as required, and send it back to us. We “accept” all your edits and import it back into your (client-specific) Translation Memory.

Final checks

Modifications occasionally add typos or grammatical errors. Our software will, of course, import the text as it is provided to us. However, we offer an optional QA check that looks for, and corrects, spelling and grammatical errors.

We complete any relevant DTP, such as adjustments to spacing or layout.

Finally, we deliver your finished document, in whichever format(s) you need.

How the collaborative approach works...

Added value

This collaborative approach will enable our clients to generate the documents they need faster and more smoothly. By involving your technical experts or copywriters you can ensure that the terminology, as well as the tone and style of your communications, is exactly how you want it.

Of course there are other ways of proceeding — and if you prefer the convenience of simply sending us a document and receiving back a completed, translated equivalent — ready to email, post or print — we will always offer that service!

In conclusion, Quicksilver Translate can assist you with all your linguistic, translation and editing needs.

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