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Review and Proofreading

Our Review and Proofreading service ensures that your text is grammatically correct, and in an appropriate register, in any language. We also offer a review service for texts which have already been translated. However, please be aware that reviewing a badly translated document, often takes as long or longer than translating it from scratch.

We all have our own way of using language and our own preferences. We also use different styles of language to communicate with different people. An email to your mother might use a different tone than an email to your boss! While we mostly accept this premise, it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between “correctness” and “preference”. The style we use when writing copy, inevitably depends on who the document is addressed to. For example, the tone will be different for customers, senior management, distributors, or press.

QuickSilver’s team of reviewers is very aware of this, and factor this, and other elements into their work (e.g. a formal vs. more informal register). To ensure that you receive the copy style you prefer, it’s vital to trust the linguistic expertise being offered. If we are first translating your copy, please work closely with us! This will ensure that the final text is the appropriate for your business objective.

What do we Review?

QuickSilver Translate helps companies create, or adapt all types of documents: marketing, technical, journalistic, etc. We write, review, proofread, and translate many types of documents, including sales materials and website content.

Review and proofreading priorities vary according to the content. For example, in technical translation, accuracy is the most important factor; whereas, for marketing collateral, it needs to read well, and as if written by a native speaker.

Who do we use?

All of our reviewers and proofreaders are highly qualified professional editors, and/or linguists. At QuickSilver, we always use translators, and reviewers, who are native speakers of the target language. In addition, we evaluate translations on their own merits, this means:

  • Without comparing them to the source text.
  • Reviewing them thoroughly for accuracy.

Send us documents which have already been translated, and we will feed them into your client-specific Translation Memory. This enables us to build up a bank of your most commonly used phrases and terminology — saving you time and money on future projects.

In conclusion, Quicksilver Translate can assist you with all your linguistic, translation and editing needs.

Contact us for more information, or a quote.