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QuickSilver’s proofreading service

QuickSilver Translate provides a proofreading service to ensure that your text is grammatically correct and in an appropriate register, whichever language it is written in.

We also offer a review/proofreading service for texts which have already been translated. Bear in mind, however, that reviewing a badly translated document often takes as long or longer than translating it from scratch would.

QuickSilver helps companies create or adapt their sales materials and websites to different linguistic areas according to their needs (marketing, technical, journalistic, etc.). We take care of translating, reviewing and writing any type of document, using our pool of highly qualified professional linguists.

In the case of technical translation, accuracy is of course the most important factor, but in the case of marketing collateral, for example, it is fundamentally important to produce a text which reads as if it were written by a native speaker.

For this reason, at Quicksilver we invariably use translators who are native speakers of the target language. In addition, during the final stage of our review process, translations are evaluated on their own merits; that is, without comparing them to the source text. Having been edited thoroughly for accuracy, we check that all translations are phrased in a way that a native speaker would use.

If you provide us with a document which has already been translated, we will feed it into our Translation Memory, enabling us to build up a bank of your most commonly used phrases and terminology.

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