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Dubbing and voice-over services


Dubbing and voice-over

Typical problems with dubbing and voice-over:

  • Linguistic mistakes.
  • Translations full of structural, lexical and semantic calques from the source language. One consequence of the repitition of these calques is the use of an artificial version of the target language which is very different to the spontaneous oral language that dubbing should strive towards.
  • Inconsistency across long projects: series in which the style changes from one episode to the next.

QuickSilver’s solutions:

  • Linguistic quality-checking.
  • Experienced audiovisual translators who understand the particularities of translation for dubbing. Our translators know when to depart from the original when it is necessary to preserve the message. At the same time, they know how to enrich the text with linguistic twists particular to the target language. In this way they impart to the translation and dubbing the fluency expected of an audiovisual document.
  • By using an internal style guide, glossaries and a dedicated manager for each project, we can guarantee cohesion and consistency between episodes.
  • We always use native voice-over talents and directors. You can ask for voice samples before the recording of your project.
  • Documentaries, fiction, audioguides, publicity, etc.

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In conclusion, Quicksilver Translate’s linguistic services can assist you with all your corporate translation and editing needs. Contact us for more information, or a quote.