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The business of translation

We know our business

What is the difference between Traditional and Simplified Chinese?
Should a translation into English follow UK or US spelling rules?
Does Korean use ideograms or an alphabet?
What are the differences between European and American Spanish or Portuguese?
A good translation business can answer all these questions.


Quicksilver Translate offers a dedicated consulting service to address all the issues involved in producing and maintaining documentation for global business, as well as to eliminate syntactical, grammatical, stylistic and spelling mistakes.

The linguistic management of a company involves the creation of a terminology database, a style guide and a process of adaptation to the client’s preferences. Our specialists carry out these assignments and offer efficient and accurate advice.


What is the right price of translation? The debate will probably never end… There are two approaches to translation in business: the “commodity” approach and the “service” approach.

Those who tend to see a translation as a commodity believe that all translations are the same, and that the only differentiating element is price. Translations are generally priced based on the number of words in the original text. If you see translation as a commodity, comparing suppliers is as easy as comparing their prices. Why are you going to pay $0.24 per word when the next guy offers the same service for $0.23 per word? Aren’t they exactly the same?

There are two types of translation buyers and therefore two types of suppliers. Those who regard translation as a commodity will look for rock-bottom prices. They will not care much about who does the translation, what tools are used or how they will deal with the rest of the documentation process, as long as the service is cheap. This approach is perfectly valid when neither quality nor intelligibility is of any importance.

Those who have other needs must be somewhat more discriminating when looking for a supplier.


Our projects have a verifiable positive impact on companies, since improved quality + time saved = better results. Let our business help yours.

Not everyone can deliver large volumes in a short period of time, set up large translation teams, deliver in HTML or deal with 15 languages in parallel, and still guarantee an agreed level of quality. Quicksilver Translate can.

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