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Updating Translations: Version Control and Maintenance

Updating Translations: Version Control and Maintenance

Updating translations can be a real nightmare! But relax! QuickSilver Translate makes use of CAT tools (Computer Assisted Translation), state-of-the-art translation software that streamlines the translation process, as well as ensuring consistency across all the translations we undertake for you. Every time we translate a document for a particular client, the client-specific Translation Memory (TM) we build for them gets bigger, better and more efficient. New content is added, updated and stored for use in reprints, updates, and future projects.

Handling document versions

We understand that producing a ‘new’ version of, for example, a catalogue, often involves very little actual revision. Some items are added, some removed, and a few amendments are made. By using a TM, we are able to save you money and time by translating only what has actually been changed in your new version, rather than translating the whole document again from scratch.

A TM also enables us to make the entire translation process more efficient. This means that you can send us the draft as soon as it is ready. You do not have to wait for a final approval from the Project Manager before you send your document.

Translating draft versions:

  • Saves time
  • Reduces costs
  • Avoids errors
  • Ensures long-term quality and consistency

Our translator can then begin work on the draft document. When the final version is ready, we simply put it through the TM, to discover any new or amended text. Finally, we translate or adjust whatever small changes your Project Manager has made.

In this way, it is easier, cheaper and much less stressful for you to meet deadlines! In addition, with each completed project, your unique Translation Memory becomes more comprehensive.

We also offer translation review: an analysis of both source and target texts to check for accuracy in content, style, and tone.

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