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Types of translation projects

What types of translation project do we handle?

Well, the answer is “all of them!” For each client is different, and every single project has its own characteristics. However, in order to understand the different types of translation a client may need, we consider the following points:

What is your overall objective?

Translation projects vary mainly in their ultimate goal, for example:

  • Do you need to convince customers that your product is the best in the market?
  • Are you about to sign a new contract with your main distributor?
  • Will the Comms department launch a new website next week?

The word ‘quality’ is used by everyone in the translation world — all clients want it, and all suppliers offer it.

And yet clients are sometimes disappointed with what they get from suppliers — a clear indication that ‘quality’ means different things to different people. The problem for buyers is that it’s difficult to know whether the supplier was not good enough, or whether they didn’t do a good enough job of clearly outlining their expectations.

Understanding client needs

Sometimes, not even the client has considered what the real goal is. Often, we are instructed to obtain prices from potential suppliers for comparison purposes. But we don’t really know what it’s for…

For instance, if your project is an installation manual for your in-house engineering team, it is vital that your translator is also an engineer. If you need a legal document translated, we would assign a translator with legal experience. If, on the other hand, your project is marketing copy for an advertising campaign, then technical experience is less important — a translator with style, and a flair for language, would be the best choice. And for a really professional finish, we would recommend a final review by one of our experienced editors.

Knowing exactly what the client needs is key to offering the best possible solution. Generally speaking, the main considerations for the client are usually a combination of —

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Speed

Often, two of these elements are a priority and the third one… not so much.

Understanding this balance is what allows us to fine tune our processes. That way we can ensure the client gets what they actually want.

In conclusion

QuickSilver offers flexible payment solutions for all sorts of projects (including credit card and Paypal). In other words, there is no project too large or too small. From reviewing or editing marketing copy, all the way through to translating and designing product catalogues and websites, QuickSilver offers the most cost-efficient, high-quality solutions available.

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