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Are you up on Coronavirus Terminology?

Are you up on Coronavirus Terminology?

In recent weeks, on traditional and social media, there has been an avalanche of news and information about the coronavirus. We’ve heard the opinions of experts (and not so experts) in epidemiology, medicine, economics and mathematical models. Coronavirus has bombarded us with a myriad of new words! COVID-19 (wait, is that masculine or feminine in Catalan?), social distancing, flattening of the curve, serological tests, SARS, MERS, WHO, chloroquine…? Coronavirus terminology is vast and, for accurate and consistent messaging, it’s vital to get it right.

We’ve definitely been learning a lot and enriching our vocabulary but, do you know what exactly the acronym COVID-19 stands for? For example, do you know the specific name of the disease caused by coronavirus in different languages? How about those pointed bumps that appear in all the coronavirus images, what are they called? What does PCR mean? And what is the difference between a CTI and a UTI in Catalan? Between ICU and urgent care? Between a ventilator and a respirator?

Where to find the correct terminology

You can easily find answers to all these questions, and more, with the new tool published by Termcat. Termcat is the terminology centre of the Generalitat de Catalunya, operated with the collaboration of health professionals. In essence, it is an online coronavirus dictionary, and it is updated daily. Each terminology file contains the main Catalan name and synonyms. In addition, Termcat provides the Spanish, French, English and Portuguese equivalents (even with the Brazilian variant) and, if applicable, the scientific name. Furthermore, they also include additional information for each of the terms that can be very useful for both language professionals and the general public.

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