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3 Easy Ways to Legitimately Get Fast Cash

If you’re anything like almost half of the American population, it’s likely that you don’t have an emergency fund or savings account with over four hundred dollars in it. This can mean that any setbacks in life leave you struggling financially and worrying about making ends meet, which causes a lot of stress and frustration – it can even lead to desperation.

When you’re desperate for cash you may not be in the best state of mind to make decisions and may consider resorting to illegitimate methods of making money quickly. Luckily, you don’t have to go that far – there are plenty of legitimate ways to get the money you need when you need it.

Fastest Roads to Quick Cash

  • Payday loan
  • Cash advance
  • Sell old electronics
  • Hold a garage sale

Payday Loan

A payday loan is different for every individual, but most often these loans will be less than $500 and can be paid back as soon as your next payday. You can find these fast cash loans online by searching for verified lenders that can get you approved for fast cash as soon as the next business day.

Payday loans are typically limited depending on the state you’re in, as each state has its own set of rules and regulations regarding lending for personal loans of this nature. Due dates to repay loans usually range anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks from the loan dispersal date, but you can also find the due date on your payday loan agreement form.

You can repay a payday loan in several ways, including giving the lender authorization to charge the loan payment to your bank account, prepaid card, or credit union. Some payday loans also roll over or are able to be renewed, allowing you to extend your loan repayment due date.

Get a Cash Advance

If you have a credit card handy, one option you may consider to get money quickly is a cash advance. This gives you the ability to borrow from your credit card balance instead of your bank account, though you will need to pay it back just as you normally would. Basically, you are buying cash when you get a cash advance.

You may feel tempted to get cash advances for small purchases, but this is often not the best choice. Instead, a cash advance should be used in emergencies, as there are typically hefty fees for taking out cash advances. You also will likely not be able to take out the entirety of your credit balance, as most companies limit the withdrawal amount.

To take cash from your credit card, you can simply walk up to an ATM near you and enter your PIN number to receive cash directly. If you don’t have a PIN number, or if you would feel more comfortable making a transaction at the bank, you can go to a bank in the network of your credit card with your ID to withdraw funds.

Sell Your Belongings

If you’re looking for ways to avoid getting into debt while getting fast cash, you might want to take a look around your home to find ways you can make money. Oftentimes, homeowners have valuable electronics lying around that are no longer being used. Instead of leaving them untouched, consider selling them.

A garage sale is an excellent way to make extra cash from all of the items in your home that aren’t being used. You can also sell items online, as there are numerous apps and websites designed for individuals to get rid of items of all kinds. Selling online has never been easier, as more people are staying home and doing their shopping online from major stores and small start-ups.

Stores and pawn shops may also buy valuables, so keep these options in mind when you’re looking for quick money. The icing on the cake when you sell items that are no longer serving any purpose to you is that you’ll have less clutter in the home as well, further reducing the stress of financial emergencies.

Alternatives Roads to Quick Cash

Does selling your items not sit right with you? If garage sales aren’t your thing, then some additional alternatives include:

  • Driving for a rideshare service
  • Babysitting
  • Food delivery
  • Money-making apps
  • Rent rooms in the home

Choose the right route for you, depending on your needs and abilities. In some cases, taking out a cash advance is the best option for fast, legitimate, cash while other situations may simply require picking up a few odd jobs.

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