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How to be a Successful Transcreator

5 elements you will need be a successful transcreator

As well as linguistic expertise, a successful transcreator needs creativity, copy-writing skills and a comprehensive cultural understanding of the target market.

One author has defined transcreation as a “holistic” process of “re-interpretation of the original work suited to the readers/audience of the target language which requires the translator to come up with new conceptual, linguistic and cultural constructs to make up for the lack (or inadequacy) of existing ones.” (Gaballo, 2012)

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1. Be Bilingual and Bicultural

It goes without saying that a transcreator must be fully fluent in — not just the language — but also the culture, cultural nuances and references, or both the source and target markets. A good transcreator understands the words, and also the impact and meaning behind those words. 

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2. Be creative

Transcreators may play with nuance, rhythm, alliteration, idioms and more, in order to make the copy impactful to the target market.

3. Be adaptable

A successful transcreator focuses on the spirit of the original and may have to put aside personal style and preferences.

4. Be collaborative

Transcreation is usually a team effort, you may well be working with designers and photographer to create the final campaign. You will certainly be working with marketing teams who will have a clear idea of the impact they wish to create. It’s important to remember that you are contributing your expertise to a campaign which already exists and has been carefully planned!

5. Have relevant experience

Transcreators should have experience in both literary translation and also in creative writing. It’s beneficial if you have lived in both the original and target market, and essential that you stay up-to-date with cultural trends and colloquialisms, as well as socio-political events, in both markets. Ideally you should have experience in marketing copy, and any advertising regulations that may be important in the target market.

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