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QuickSilver’s transcription service

The transcription service offered by QuickSilver Translate involves the conversion of a spoken language source into a printed form, for example an audio MP3 file into a Word document.

Transcription service

The transcription service follows all current ISO 9001:2008-certified processes and integrates seamlessly into QuickSilver’s other services (translation, editing, desktop publishing, catalog/website localisation and interpreting).

The text is timestamped, marking the exact location in the audio/video file of inaudible spots, as well as crosstalk between speakers or areas of uncertainty. It is also be synchronised, so that clicking on the transcript takes you to the corresponding point in the audio/video file.

Verbatim transcriptions

This type of transcription is usually required by psychologists, university research programs, linguistic programs, for qualitative analysis and for interviews given in evidence for legal purposes. Verbatim transcriptions record all interjections, signs of emotions (coughs, sighs, chuckles, etc.), false starts and shifts in thought processes. This is done through a wide array of accepted transcription codes: uh, em, er, ah, hmm, you know, I mean, sort of, etc. Emotional expressions are usually expressed as: “laughing”, “sobbing uncontrollably”, “sighing”, “speaking softly” etc.

Word-for-word transcription

Like verbatim transcriptions, these transcriptions capture the text as it is spoken but eliminate all filler words.

General and grammatically correct transcriptions

In this type of transcription, filler words are eliminated, false starts and self-corrected words are not included, and grammar and mispronounced words are corrected. These are grammatically correct, with all superfluous hesitations, filler words, interjections, and interruptions omitted, as well as all content that is not relevant to the overall content of the transcription.

We can make transcriptions from:

• audio/video cassette

• CDs

• DVDs

• aac

• avi

• dss

• mov

• mp3

• mp4

• wav

• wma

• …and many more digital formats.

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