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Translation in the retail industry

Translation in the Retail Industry:

The importance of tailoring your marketing and sales documentation to local markets cannot be overstated.

  • Catalogues, brochures, billboards, inserts
  • Online marketing, social networking, eCommerce sites
  • Point-of-sale text, in-store displays, merchandising, signage
  • User manuals, packages, after-sale materials
  • Human resources documentation (training materials etc)

Translation in Retail

Studies have shown that consumers are 70% less likely to buy products the packaging of which has been inadequately translated.

In addition, EU food standards are becoming more and exacting, which means that now more than ever it is essential that your documentation and labelling is translated by professionals, specialised in your field.

The food services industry in general requires a high degree of specialisation. Should you translate crêpe from French to English as pancake? Or should you just remove the accent: crepe? This is the sort of decision which a company will generally make and specify as a terminological preference.

To take another example: the menu of one multinational coffee franchise describes its ensaïmada de Mallorca (a kind of sweet pastry) as ‘sweet bread’. Now, ‘sweet bread’ in fact refers to a common delicacy which is derived from different glands, most commonly the testicles.

From marketing collateral to technical documents, QuickSilver Translate has wide experience in translating within the retail industry. All business documentation is directed at one or more groups of stakeholders: understanding who the target audience is will help you shape the type of translation required.

QuickSilver Translate will identify the appropriate approach to a translation, and our specialised translators will respond precisely to your needs, guaranteeing a translation of the highest possible quality.

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