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Our favourite language blogs!

To kick off the new year, we’d like to share with you a list of our favourite language/translation/grammar blogs…perfect for when you don’t want to work but need to maintain a semblance of productivity…

Dialect blog:
Language Log, of course:
David Crystal: the man, the myth:
The inimitable Johnson at the Economist:

Language Hat:

The professional interpreter:

Three of the best of the personal translator blogs:
Thoughts on translation:
Musings from an overworked translator:
Trans Blawg:

First international collection of tongue twisters:

In Spanish:
No está escrito en mármol – a rather weighty lit trans blog:
El arte de traducir (“Porque traducir no es tan fácil como parece…”):
De traducciones y otras rarezas:

Financial translation blog:

Translation Tribulations (tech-orientated):

Localisation best practices blog:
Localization 411 (industry blog):
La paradoja de Chomsky (“Blog sobre traducción, localización y todo lo demás…”):

Frighteningly exhaustive (but now slightly out-of-date) list of linguistics links:

Translation Directory dot com, article index:

Echo-word data-list (beyond its academic function, this list is a brilliant source of “found poetry“):

Lingua Món homepage:


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