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ISO 9001 Certification – The Differentiating Factor Part 1

ISO 9001 Certification The first and toughest decision companies have to make when seeking translations is “Who do I turn to?”.

For most companies, taking this step is like entering into the unknown. It is a sector they are not familiar with and, since it is not part of their core business, there is rarely any internal expertise in this area. A simple search on the internet brings up hundreds of translation agencies and language service providers. But how do you sift through all of these offerings without knowing exactly what you’re looking for? This is particularly difficult when all potential suppliers claim to offer fast, accurate and competitively-priced translations. The trial and error approach is one solution, albeit an ill-advised and possibly costly one.

  • What happens when the choice has been made?
  • What if you can’t evaluate the translation(s) internally?
    • You have to rely on the expertise of the translation agency and hope that the quality of the translation is acceptable?
  • How can companies obtain peace of mind over an issue that they really know very little about?

The answer to these questions may lie in ISO 9001:2000 certification. This is not the only differentiating factor, but it’s certainly one worth considering. But why is this so?

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