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All over the news these days is talk of the Dutch elections and their so called “European Trump” – the far-right Geert Wilders, who earned his party an extra 5 seats (still too few to make him prime minister).

Linguistically speaking, it’s still curious that the person in charge of a political party named the “Party for Freedom” is definitively anti-everything: anti-European, anti-Muslim and anti-immigration. Wilders is so anti-everything, in fact, that he has brought about the birth of a new word to be added to our political vocabulary: Nexit.

Ring a bell? Here’s a clue: it includes the word “exit” and continues to be a highly controversial topic. That’s right! Nexit, like it’s predecessor Brexit, refers to the hypothetical exit of the Netherlands from the EU given a large percentage of Dutch people’s increasing unhappiness with the management of Brussels.

It’s hard to know how all this will end, but at least we’re prepared to quickly identify and designate any country that wants to hop on the bandwagon. Who knows if the next one will be Frexit, Grexit or Itexit…

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