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How To Choose The Best Translation Agency


A good translation agency can ensure your content is professionally translated to a high standard. Not every translation agency is the same which is why it makes sense to find out how to choose the best translation agency. The agency you end up dealing with should have the resources and manpower to do a good job of translating your content. Here are a few tips to help you make the right choice.


Allocates one person to deal with you

First, you need to pick a translation agency that allocates one person to talk to the client about their requirements. This person should be available in person, on the phone and via email. A company that just wants your content to translate may not be the best option because without discussing your requirements, it won’t know how to provide you topnotch translation service.


Communicates in English

Second, you need to deal with an agency that communicates with you in plain English. It should not force you into entering into an agreement and nor should it use too much professional jargon to convince you they are the best. Also, make sure that you pick an agency that has the ability to adapt to your needs and it should also be good at meeting tight deadlines.


Mother tongue

When you look at different translation agencies, you will find they have many translators. This is good, but it does not guarantee that the person will do a good job of translating your content. You should deal with translation agencies that employ translators whose mother tongue is the language you want them to translate into. Also, make sure that the agency uses linguists who are proven in their field and whose track record proves they never miss deadlines.


Use of latest technology

Another factor that should be addressed when choosing a translation agency is its ability to use modern technology. Though machine translation is useful under certain circumstances, human translation has advantages that a machine translator is not able to match.



Also, just because a translation agency employs linguists, it does not mean that they will do a perfect job of translating your material. You need to make sure that you deal with a translation agency that employs strong quality control measures. It is also important to get the translation agency to agree to thoroughly proofread their material and only hand it over to you after it has been certified and passed.


When the time comes to pick a translation agency, you need to also check its past performance. For this, you will need to check their testimonials. However, it is not easy to judge a company by its past performance. What you need to do is look at detailed testimonials from previous clients. Look at the type of clients the agency has worked with and if it works with Blue Chip clients, then you can expect it to do a good job for you.


Finally, make sure that you pick a translation agency that offers competitive pricing. Look at the prices of competitive companies and then choose the translation agency that meets the above-mentioned criteria and whose prices are the best.


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