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Business English

Business English is not the same as general English. This is because the topics covered in Business English are different and are mostly related to the workplace or to the world of business. Also, it requires a different set of skills including business communication. These skills are normally not associated with those who read write and speak in ordinary English communication.


Demand for business English

Currently, there is a demand for Business English. So, if you approach a translation agency for translation of content from a source language to English you need to make doubly sure you are dealing with a company that has the expertise to translate business related content. The global economy of today requires translation agencies to have the skills to translate content and communicate the true meaning of the content that is to be translated. The translation agency also needs to target its translation to meeting the needs of the client who expects internationally accepted standards.


A special class

Business English translation is a very special class of translation and it has its own set of features and requirements. It is also an important part of English for Special Purposes, which is made up of different English texts that are applied to the field of business. Essentially, it deals with informative content and communicative content. Business English translation must transfer business content from the source language to the target language involving a process that deals with business communication across different cultures.


Own set of features

Since business activities have their own set of characteristics, Business English translation also has its own set of features. It is vitally important that the text to be translated has the right terminology and accuracy and it also needs to be correct and formal at the same time. Whether it is acronyms or derivatives there is a challenge that has to be met. The business English translator must have the expertise and knowledge about business concepts and terms. In addition, they also need to know how to use the right translation strategies and they also need to have the skills to translate business related texts.


Keep in mind target audience’s culture

When translating business related text, it is important to take into account the culture of the intended audience of the target content and the client who has asked for the translation services. Care has to be taken to ensure the translated text adheres to the culture of the intended audience of readers. The translator has to coherently translate the business text and should translate the text using business English in a manner that ensures the reader of the target text finds the matter to be coherent. In addition, the translator also must guarantee the fidelity of the content. Other factors that need to be addressed when translating business content is to make the target text either reader-centered or target culture-centered.


It is important to understand that the translation has to be indivisible from the culture. When translating from or into Business English, it is important to understand the textual conversion from source language to target language. The translator needs to have a cross-cultural mindset in order to deliver an exact and accurate translation. As globalization becomes deeper and deeper, Business English is being used widely across cultures. To translate text, it is important that the translator employs the right terminology and maintains the essence of the source text in the target text.



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