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Carnival’s commonly used expressions

When it comes to culture, there are many interesting and common expressions that one should learn if one really wants to enjoy the carnival. When it comes to German carnivals, there are some expressions that are commonly used. Understanding these expressions will help you get more out of the carnival. Here is a brief look at some of carnival’s commonly used expressions.


German expressions

In Germany, the carnival is also known as the Fifth Season and it has a special place in the hearts and minds of German people, especially those who live around Cologne. They have many common expressions for carnival including Fastelovend/Fasteleer. Fastelovend is the German word for carnival, which begins on the eleventh of November each year.


Another commonly used expression in Germany is the word Kolsch, which is both a German dialect as well as the name of a beer. Residents of Cologne say that this is the only German word that you can drink. Kolsch is a dialect that also happens to be the unofficial language during the Carnival in Cologne. So, if you are in Cologne, it makes sense to learn this commonly used German expression.


Brazilian expressions

For those who are planning to visit Brazil, there are a few common expressions related to carnivals that are worth learning. the first expression that everyone will be familiar with is the word Samba, which is the name for the Brazilian carnival. This term refers to not just the carnival but also to. Music.


Escolas de Samba or the different groups or schools of samba are another common Brazilian expression related to carnivals. This expression refers not to institutions teaching samba but to associations or social clubs.


Spanish expressions

While in Spain, there are many ways to enjoy a carnival. To make your time more interesting, it pays for you to learn commonly used expressions related to Spanish carnivals. The Spanish word for carnival is carnival while the Spanish word for costume is Disfraz. These and other commonly used expressions will help you enjoy your carnival in Spain. During a Spanish carnival, the streets are filled with wild partying and humour and the atmosphere is of fun as well as high spirits.


Portuguese expressions

There are a different set of commonly used Carnival expressions in the Portuguese language. Tudo Bem is a catch-all phrase, which is normally used when you bump into someone while dancing. It loosely means, Is everything Ok though it may also be used to say How are You. If your Portuguese is limited, then this is one expression that you will say quite a lot.


Brazilians are very proud of their carnivals. So, when they ask you what you think of the carnival, you can use a common expression which is to say LEGAL. However, if you want to express your love for their country, then you will need to use a more widely used expression, which is O Brasil e Lindo maravilhoso. This commonly used phrase will tell them that you think that their country is marvellous.


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