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Top phrases for party-goers

If you’re invited to a party in a foreign country, then you should be able to understand and even translate the most common and necessary “party sentences”. There is no need to get nervous, because with the help of a translator you can learn the necessary sentences and start a conversation at the party. Most sentences that are used at parties are casual and are used to help keep the conversation flowing.


Common sentences

Among the more common and necessary sentences used at parties, you will often hear:

  • “did you make this yourself”
  • “do you cook often?”
  • “what else do you like to cook?”


These sentences help to keep the conversation going.


Translate a few sentences

Before going to a party where a foreign language is being spoken, you can prepare a few yourself. For example, you should know how to say “what a beautiful home you have!”. This is a sentence that can get the conversation started and so it makes sense to learn it in the language that is going to be spoken at the party.


Learn what to say at a party

Another sentence that is worth learning and which is often used at parties is “did you do it up yourself?”. It also pays to learn how to translate this sentence into the language being spoken at the party: “where did you get that/this?” These are sentences that allow you to appreciate the host’s décor and are also very useful when you wish to find out about accessories that you are interested in buying.


What to say when you meet someone at a party

When you meet someone for the first time at a party, you should know the following sentence: “what do you do?” Also, you need to learn how to ask someone about their interests/hobbies. Another sentence that is worth picking up and which is widely used at parties is, “how do you like to spend your time?”. When you meet a couple, you might want to ask “how did you first meet?”. So, learn how to ask this question and also find out how to enquire how long the couple has been together.


Learn to talk about food

When attending a party, it also makes sense to learn some sentences related to food. The more you talk about food, the more people are going to be interested. Complementing the host about the quality of food served is a great way of making a good impression. As mentioned, you also want to ask how the food was made and of course, it is a good idea to ask the host whether he or she made the food themselves.

Other sentences that are worth learning when attending a party where you do not speak the language is about a person’s profession: “what line of work are you in?”. There is much you can say about a person’s profession including whether or not they are artists or painters. Being able to discuss art is a good way of making a success of the party.


Basically, there are a few categories that are spoken about at parties. Learning how to talk to the host, the food and people will enliven the party.


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