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The best places to go to learn English

If you want to learn English, there are some very good places to go to learn the language. In fact, instead of going to major cities like New York and Sydney or even London, you need to consider a few other equally impressive options. These places are not only very cool but they are also very cozy and more importantly, they are cheaper.


Look beyond obvious cities

If you are a translator or translation agency that wishes to excel at translating to and from English, then you need to look beyond the obvious cities where people go to learn English. So instead of trying to translate in your head, you need to learn English so that you feel comfortable about speaking and understanding English. This means you need to immerse yourself in the language. Also, keep in mind that it is not necessary for you to use perfect grammar all of the time. Here is a look at the best places to go to learn English.


Bristol in the UK

This is a place that is far cheaper than London and yet it is a very culturally important city located in the south of England. Here, there are numerous theaters which are usually located above pubs. Overall, this is a very cozy and cheaper alternative to learning English in London.


Brisbane in Australia

The nice thing about wanting to learn English in Brisbane, Australia is that it is a city with a very laidback and easygoing attitude. It is also small and so is easy for a newcomer to become oriented. This is also a great place for surfing and hiking and is the gateway to some of the best beaches in the world.


Auckland in New Zealand

Auckland is a city that attracts students as well as expats in great numbers. The nice thing about learning English in this city is New Zealanders have a collection of some very interesting slang words and idioms, which when you use in your everyday conversations, will add some color to your vocabulary.


San Francisco in the United States of America

One of the reasons why you should learn English in San Francisco is that the West Coast of the USA is home to people whose culture is different than that of the East Coast. Overall, this is a place that is very welcoming for students and travelers and the attitude of the locals here is also very laidback. It is a great place to improve your English and of course there are other reasons to visit this city including its wonderful nightlife and excellent food.


Vancouver in Canada

If you wish to learn English in a safe city, then head over to Vancouver in Canada because it is not only a very safe city but it also boasts of excellent weather and plenty of outdoor activities. When you have time to spare, you can enjoy some excellent waterskiing opportunities and if that is not enough, then sample some outstanding Asian food or you can take in some breathtaking views.


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