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Top books for learning English

Reading books in English is a good way for translators to pick up new vocabulary. At the same time, translators can use these books to see how grammar works and, more importantly, it allows them to understand the language better. All that a translation agency that employs English translators needs to do is pick the best books for learning English.


Start with short and simple books

If you are just starting out in translation, then it makes sense for you to choose books that are short as well as simple. At this time, there is no sense in your trying to read classics because they generally use English that is not so much used these days. Also, classics have some very complicated themes that translators may not pick up easily.


Roald Dahl and Fantastic Mr. Fox

If you want to excel at translation, then it makes sense for you to pick up some children’s books. Roald Dahl is an author worth checking out because some of his books are very interesting, especially one called Fantastic Mr. Fox. Alternatively, you can think about reading books written by Dr. Seuss as these are not only very interesting but they will also provide you with a chance to brush up your humor. Each book written by Dr. Seuss is written in rhyme and is very funny.


The Cat in the Hat

Perhaps the best book for those interested in joining a translation agency is to choose a book called The Cat in the Hat. Once you get started with this book, you will not want to put it down till you reach the end, and then you will want to read more such books.


The Hobbit

If you already have a grasp of English but are not sure you can translate idioms and other words, then you will want to choose a book like the one called The Hobbit. This wonderful book was penned by J. R. R. Tolkien and the nice thing about reading this book is it is not very long. Also, this book has been made into a movie and so if you have watched the movie, then you will find it easy to follow the book.


I am David

There are also books that would-be translators should read to learn English. In fact, one called I Am David which was written by Anne Holm is worth checking out. This is a short story about a boy who wants to find his mother during the Second World War. Another book worth reading is the one called Holes. This book was written by Louis Sachar and is an excellent book for picking up English.


Some translators are not ready to read a book from start to finish because they are not so comfortable with the language. For them, a book called Revolting Rhymes by Roald Dahl is a good option because it contains many short stories that are based on fairy tales and which are written in rhyme. Another book worth checking out is the one called Mr. Men and Miss Series. This book has been written by Roger Hargreaves and is perfect for young translators who want to improve their vocabulary.


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