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Is it possible to learn expressions by listening to music?

Translators who need to translate from one language to another often wonder, is it possible to learn new expressions by listening to music? The answer is it is certainly possible to learn idioms and expressions by listening to music. This is because there are so many idioms being used in music that you listen to the lyrics and learn them.


Songs with idioms

Every translation agency or translator that wants to translate idioms will do well to listen to music because there are many songs that have idioms in them. All that is required is to download the lyrics and then look at the words and locate the idioms. Keep in mind that idioms by themselves may not make much sense and there is no sense in translating every word in the idiom.


The right way to learn an idiom is by viewing the entire expression. It is also a good idea to try and visualize the idiom in the translator’s mind. If they are able to visualize an idiom in their minds, then they will find it easier to understand the idiom and translate it. This is because many idioms are made of images. Imagining them will help you remember the idiom by looking at the pictures they create in your mind.


Use in everyday life

Once you have learned an idiom, you should make sure you use it in everyday life. When in a particular situation, you should try to use the idiom and not hesitate about using them in writing or when speaking.


Learning idioms by listening to music will not only help you understand the meaning, but also it will help to improve your English vocabulary. Learning idioms by listening to music is in fact one of the best ways to learn idioms. Once you have learned an idiom, make sure you use it when speaking in English.


Strike/hit the right note

Here is an example of an idiom that you can learn by listening to music. Strike/hit the right note is an idiom which means that you speak or act in a way that positively impacts other people. Blowing your own trumpet/bugle is another idiom that you can learn by listening to music. Essentially, this idiom means that a person is boasting about their own talents and abilities as well as achievements.


Like a broken record

Another idiom that you will come across is the one that goes like this: like a broken record. This idiom means somebody is continually talking about the same story over and over again. You can learn these idioms and use them in your everyday life or you can try translating them into another language.


For example, when describing somebody, you could use an idiom to say he/she never struck the right note even once. Or, you could describe a boring date as being a person that blew her/his own trumpet and they went on and on like a broken record. These are examples of how people learn idioms and then use them in their everyday lives.

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