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Top reasons for learning new expressions

English expressions are used as figures of speech, they are a gathering of words which have a meaning and a significance which isn’t clear from taking a gander at the individual words. Once put together they form a meaning which is generally quite intriguing.

These expressions are constantly evolving, so it’s not odd if some of them don’t seem to make any sense. English phrases regularly depend on metaphors, analogies, and allegories. Since they’re utilized so frequently in regular English, if you’re acquainted with them, it’s relatively difficult to comprehend the unique context of these words.

To improve your English skills and proficiency

Learning a new a skill is always different and it is tempting to stick to the language as you know it. You can communicate perfectly with simple English and get your point across. But once you add a new skill to your arsenal you will reach a whole new level. By learning English idioms, you will be able to communicate better, you will be able to understand better what others are saying and you can improve your English proficiency a lot. There are some gatherings where such skills are valued a lot.

To better understand English as a language

Have you ever come across a book or a play, where some words don’t make any sense to you? Reading a book, novel or a play is perfect to improve your English and trust me it works like a charm. But you are sure to come across words that will leave you scratching your head. That’s where the fun begins. You have now reached a point where you can learn something new and add it to your existing skillset. By learning idioms, you will be able to better understand the point which the writer or the speaker is trying to make and converse with people.

To learn more about the British/ American culture

By learning English idioms, you can understand the British or American culture is a better way, well mostly British. In case you’re planning to study, live or work in an English conversing society, maintaining a strategic distance from idioms won’t benefit you in any way at all as you’ll pass up a major opportunity for inside jokes and maybe missing out to get a handle on the idea of a discussion thoroughly. Idioms themselves give a more profound knowledge of British culture and make dialect significantly all the more fascinating. Some of these idioms have an intense history to them which can be very intersecting to learn about.

To fit into every situation

Once you learn English idioms, you will be able to fit in a variety of situations. Whether you are in a concert, watching a football match, studying, chilling with your friends, interviewing, sitting in the company of English masters or on a date, you can come up with a perfect expression for every occasion. You will never be short of words and can catch the attention of others with this skill.


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