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How to become a freelance translator- Part 2

When you decide to become a freelance translator, you need to know and understand that it may have a lot of benefits but those benefits don’t come on a platter. The work is not easy as the name might suggest, but it can be worth it as long as you work hard and put in the effort.


The Good Side of becoming a freelance translator

The main advantage of being a freelance translator is the freedom it gives you. In fact, this freedom is far greater than almost any job working for a company. Here you are your own boss, and you make the rules. You decide when to work, who to work with, and how to work.


To work or not to work

As mentioned earlier, becoming a freelancer gives you the edge of deciding whether to work or not to work. You choose what time you start working, when you take a day off, and what your schedule should be. Some people love to work in the morning, and some may want to sleep till late. So it depends on you how you want to take this. You can work while sitting at home, at a café, in a park or anywhere in the world. There are no location restraints in the freelance world (other than those of finding decent wi-fi).


Work on the projects you choose

At a regular job, you are provided with a list of tasks and instructed to complete them by a certain deadline. Your boss expects the work to be done and for you to report to him. But here, this not the case. You are free to work on anything you want and whenever you want. Although this might not seem easy in practice – while you’re establishing yourself in the profession – a freelancer has the freedom to accept or reject work. It depends entirely on you whether say yes to a specific project or not. If a topic of translation does not seem interesting – or you don´t feel confident in that area of expertise – you can simply say no and focus on another one. Saying no to a client is much easier in the world of freelancers.


Make as much money as you want

In a normal office job, you will get the same amount of money every month of the year (bonuses aside). This may not sound realistic right now, but in the world of freelancers, there is no limit to the amount of money you can make. Here you can work more to earn more, or work less to make less. It depends on you entirely.


The Bad side of becoming a freelance translator

Freedom to work exactly as you wish sounds attractive, doesn´t it? But there is also a downside to being a freelance translator. In a regular job, you just need to arrive on time, sit at your desk, get a minimum of tasks done, and behave in the appropriate “office” way to get paid at the end of the month. To be a freelancer, however, you have to be way more disciplined and motivated than at a regular job. Good intentions alone do not pay the bills, only customers will pay you money, and it’s the results and service you give them that will make them come back for more. Freedom should not be the only reason for wanting to become a freelance translator. You need to be disciplined, motivated and hard working to be able to handle the work and stress of this job.


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