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How many languages are spoken at the FIFA World Cup 2018?

 FIFA’s World Cup brings with it a new set of sentiments, emotions, and values. A total of 209 nations entered the qualifying process, while Russia qualified automatically as the host nation. The entrants have been whittled down to 32 teams, ready for the main event to begin in mid-June.

The supporting officials – 36 referees and 63 assistants – come from 46 different countries. With each new addition to the historical aspect of FIFA World Cup, we see new faces, and new nations take part in the glorious game of football every time. Where many different countries come to give their best in the world cup, they bring with them their own culture and languages as well.

Here are some details on how many languages are spoken at World Cup of 2018. Translators and translator agencies are hired so that different teams can communicate with each other.


No doubt, English is the language that is spoken or used for communication throughout the World Cup. If you’ve ever tuned into one of the sports channels, you will find that mostly the commentary is always in English. This is because the majority of the world understands and acknowledges English as the lingua franca. Being a language that is widely used and widely recognized, English is easily one of the most used languages of the FIFA World Cup 2018 and has been for some years now as well.


Now, the FIFA World Cup of 2018 is being held in Russia. It makes sense that one of the many spoken languages in the world cup would also be Russian. The FIFA World Cup brings along with it some of the most administratively tedious tasks as well as technical tasks. Communication between people carrying out those tasks directly needs to be through a language that is well understood by the locals. Therefore, Russian is also one of the most spoken languages.

So how many in total

Now, the number of languages spoken in the World Cup solely depends on how many countries are competing. The higher the number of teams, the higher the number of languages will be spoken. However, according to statistical analysis, we see that there were some languages that were repeated in the world cups over the here, this year as well, and they were 15 in number.

Common languages

Some languages are shared among countries and only differ in the dialect and the way it is spoken. For example, Australia, England, America all speak the most widely spoken language, English. However, the difference comes in the form of dialect. In a country such as Switzerland, the German language is most commonly spoken alongside French and Italian.


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