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The best cities you should visit this summer to learn…German!

If you’re looking to spend your vacations and pick up German at the same time, you have a lot of great choices. Germany and Austria both are predominantly German-speaking countries, and both boast spectacular tourist destinations. However we have picked the best few, that will give you a pleasant stay and at the same time help you improve your German the most!

A quick note about staying in Germany:

Most people in Germany are fluent in English, so you will not face any language barrier during your stay. However, North and South German accents are pretty different. Although South German is a beautiful language, it is heavily accented and pretty complicated and will take more time to master. So we’ve picked cities from North Germany, such as Hamburg and Gottingen.

  1. Gottingen:

Gottingen has a large international student and expat population, due to its universities and science centres. Learning German will be easy as there will be lots of courses, classes and general facilities to help foreigners learn the local language. The city is known for its festivals; The International Handel Festival, the Pop festival, the Jazz Festival and literature festivals. It also has a huge town hall where only pedestrians are allowed. People love to explore its quirky shops and alleys.

  1. Hamburg:

Hamburg is one of the biggest cities in Germany with a population of over 1. 7 million. It is situated right next to the North Sea, and thus it is crisscrossed with hundreds of canal and has a lot of greenery. It has all the facilities a developed city has to offer- Restaurants, high-end shops, beach clubs, five-star hotels, and this opportunity to learn German.

  1. Innsbruck:

Innsbruck is the fifth largest city in Austria. It is a beautiful little place, situated in the Alps. It has a mix of alpine and urban attractions. Due to the mountain villages, the sunny plateaus, and the sports attractions, Innsbruck is a very popular tourist destination, perfect for winter and summer holidays.

It is very easy for visitors to get absorbed by the natural beauty and the Austrian culture. Innsbruck is ideal for learning Germany if you want a small cosy city full of the natural charm, combined with world-class facilities.

  1. Vienna:

Vienna, the capital of Austria, is the most visited tourist destination in the city. With a population of 1.7 million, coming from all over the country, this is the perfect place for anyone to learn German. There are also many tourist-focused German learning classes and schools which you can attend to learn their language. Aside from that, this beautiful city is a kaleidoscope of ancient palaces, museums, and modern architecture. This quaint place boasts its Viennese charm, formed by cosy little coffee houses, cultural events, and majestic ancient buildings. For food, there is the much-beloved sausage stand, right next to five-star restaurants. Another special feature of this city is the greenery and natural beauty everywhere.


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