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Benefits of reading

In modern life, with all the advancement in technology and development, people have various things to pass the time with. Before this life used to be much simpler. Reading used to be the most popular and best means of self-education and at many times entertainment. You could read famous books in their translated versions.

Nowadays many people have lost interest in reading. People would rather prefer to spend time using the internet via computers and or smartphones. Children have also become addicted to video games. If you are one of those people who rarely ever read a book, you my friend are missing out on “the good stuff.”

Reading improves your memory

When you read you have to remember all the plots, sub-plots, arcs, character, progression and much more. All of this has to be organized in your brain. And can be quite a lot to store at times. This makes the brain produce more synapses (paths in the brain). The existing ones are in-turn strengthened. All this improves memory recalling and makes both short-term and long-term memory stronger. You would learn new words in different languages so you won’t have to hire translators anymore.

In many studies around the world, it was concluded that people who read have a very slow, about 48% slower memory decline rate even at the age of 85-90. Readers are also less likely to become victims of Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

Increases Knowledge

Most people think that reading all reading has to do with is knowledge. This becomes related to the word study and many people quickly retreat. There are interesting books available on almost every subject and topic you can think of. Just read for fun.

But even when you are reading for fun, you will automatically start gaining knowledge. The new words you learn will subconsciously become part of your normal speaking pattern. All the knowledge about different subjects you read will be retained in your brain. Heck, you can even work for a translator agency!

All of this can help you a lot in your life. You will find that you can easily speak to the higher-ups and have all the class features of the language down. Your writing will improve immensely, and all of it will feel natural.

Reduces Depression

You may come home exhausted and all gloomy from work. Maybe your relationships are not working out. You have some financial problems. Or any other reason that causes you to sulk. You lose it all when you read a good story; it takes to a different world. It gives rise to the imagination, which in turn can give you creative ways to tackle problems and never lose hope. You will start focusing on the bright future rather than the cruel present or the dark past.

Relaxes The Mind

When you choose a good book and start reading it, you lose yourself in the book. All the excitement, thrill and suspense devours the gloominess that you were covered in before. It relaxes the mind and the body. Only a calm brain can think properly. A study at the University of Sussex reported that reading calms a person more than music, walking, or even tea/coffee. You gain inner peace and tranquility. Your mood is improved. It can even help people with certain mood disorders and lower blood pressure.

Refines Thinking

These are but a few of the benefits of reading books. Perhaps this is the most important one relating to the impact it can have on our lives. A person that is in the habit of reading books can better judge others. This person will easily understand gestures, expressions and even be able to read others thoughts.

Your brain is a machine that is hungry for challenging tasks. When you read books and solves the plot before it even ends, how do you do it? The brain starts to analyze the context and drive meanings from it. The more you read, the more your level of understanding is raised. You will be able to think things through. Cleaver and decisive will be but breathing. And you will become capable of faster multitasking.


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