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The relevance of the football match FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid FC in the world

Football is one of those sports that is famous worldwide and is played in all corners of the world. The premise of the game, which is to kick an object (a ball, in this case) with your foot is so instinctive to us that even our ancestors used to do it ages ago! When the general populace reintroduced this concept in the form of a fully-fledged sport a century ago, we were quick to pick up on it.

Several footballing events in the world, however, can garnish as much attention as the match between Real Madrid FC and FC Barcelona. Both Spanish teams, with a nation full of the football-crazed fan base, are treated with the hierarchal respect that is rare for normal athletes.

El Classico is the name given to the match that is played between these two rivals. Translators have roughly paralleled this with ‘the classic,’ implying that each confrontation leaves a mark on the contemporary history of the sport.



FC Barcelona is based in Catalonia, Spain, and is 118 years old. It was founded in 1899 and was the pinnacle of Catalan culture. FCB is currently the third most expensive sporting team in the worldwide and has fans worldwide! FCB host their games in their official stadium, Camp now, which translation agencies refer to as ‘New field’ in promotions and posters.

Real Madrid FC is based in Madrid, Spain, and was founded in 1902 by a group of students. It has a traditional white kit which it still uses, even a century later. Furthermore, the logo of the club was graced by the king in 1920 which is what allowed them to have a crown in it.


What is all the hype about?

Football clubs, unlike international teams, are formed by individual players. What this means is that players of several nationalities play in one respective team. Keeping that in mind, both these teams are famous for having the best players in the world at this current stage, as well as for the past 50 years.


International support

One may wonder how a match played in Spain can keep half of the world glued to their screen in live-time. The first and foremost reason for that is as mentioned above – the match hosts the giants of the football world against each other. Since several nationalities are playing on the pitch, people from different countries tune in to show support and applaud their respective players. For example, Real Madrid’s star player Luka Modric is from Croatia. When El Classico is happening, viewership in Croatia goes up!


The importance of the game

Football is loved and adored by fans all over the world. It is nicknamed ‘Joga Bonito’ by a translator agency back in the day, which roughly means ‘The beautiful game.’ In the modern day, the life of an average person can be very stressful. Football alleviates this stress, and the most popular channel it does it through is El Classico!


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