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Best places in Europe to visit at Christmas

Christmas Holidays have a charm of their own! It doesn’t necessarily matter where you’re going – what matters most is who you’re with. Family, friend or partner – share the experience with someone you love. Nonetheless, even if you’re planning to travel alone, traveling in the festive season is a lot of fun. Actually, it’s sometimes hard for an individual to feel alone in this season, since there’s always something happening!

Europe is a popular tourist destination for Christmas holidays. Many of the most beloved Christmas traditions originate from Europe, and it is celebrated across the continent. Here is a few of our recommendations – all perfect destinations for a fabulous Christmas break. Each has something unique to offer, and a long tradition of celebrating Christmas!


Vilnius, Lithuania

The colorful streets of the city’s UNESCO-protected Old Town have an atmosphere that’s full of fun and Christmas cheer. Vilnius is one of the most underrated places to visit in the winter. There are many things to do and see: the Church of St Anne, the lighting of the Cathedral Square Christmas Tree, and the International Christmas Charity Bazaar. The festive lights, concerts, theatre performances, and unique seasonal food make Vilnius the perfect winter destination.


Christmas in Wenceslas Square, Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is one of the most popular destinations for tourists all year round. But did you know Prague also hosts one of the oldest Christmas markets in the world?  The elegant old town has palaces, towers, cobblestone streets and baroque squares which are truly enchanting at this time of year. And don’t forget, just a short distance away, you can hit the ski slopes!


Milan, Italy

Kniown as the fashion capital of the world, Milan is all the more stylish when covered by a subtle layer of snow! There are many things to do during the season – take a look at the Christmas Tree outside the Piazza del Duomo, visit the church of Santa Maria zdelle Grazie and local museums. For a better experience, refer to a translation guide that can help you get a grip on the local language.


Strasbourg, France

The immense Christmas Market, Christkindelsmärik, is said to be about 400 years old. The history of the city, combined with the local enthusiasm to celebrate, is enough reason for this city to make the list! Strasbourg has a lovely ambience, especially in the late afternoons when the sun drops and city lights up. In addition, Strasbourg is known for its fine cuisine. In “winstubs” − small wine bars typical of Strasbourg − you can enjoy traditional dishes served with the delicious dry wines of Alsace.


Rovaniemi, Lapland

Rovaniemi is the Official Hometown of Santa Claus! Santa Claus’ original home lies in the mysterious Korvatunturi (“Ear Fell”) in Finnish Lapland. Since the exact location is a secret known only to a chosen few, he decided to establish an office in Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland, in 1985. Santa Claus’ village is in the Arctic Circle! You can experience reindeer rides and get a tour through the city on husky drawn sleds. This is a truly fabulous experience and much recommended for those with small children.

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