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Topics you should avoid at Christmas Dinner!

We have all been through that moment when someone says something so inappropriate at the dinner table, that you cringe! Now, as Christmas approaches, we’re all heading home for the family get-together once again. A Christmas dinner is a wonderful gathering, where you catch up with your family and enjoy a meal together. But keep in mind, and never forget, that there are some topics you should never bring up at the dinner table, especially at the Christmas dinner table!

Here are a few of those topics – you shouldn’t need a translator to understand the reason why!


1.    Relationship status

Discussing your relationships with your family can be awkward at the best of times! Whether it’s a new “love of your life” or an old partner you can’t forget, too much sentiment can be put people off their food! And a heartbreak story will ruin the atmosphere. So, it’s best to avoid it all together.


2.    Religion 

Everyone has different opinions on religion, whatever they are, they’re usually strong and fierce! Unless you are certain that your family hold the exact same views as you… stay quiet!


3.    Your job or unemployment

If you’re currently unemployed, your family will be worrying about you, if you talk about your employment they will all form opinions about your job. It’s best not to bring this topic up because, let’s face it, everyone will have a different idea about your future, you won’t like some of them… but you will have to deal with all of them! Plus, people complaining about their workload when we should be having fun is tedious… don’t be that guy!


4.    Your children

If you have children, then don’t bring up the problems they’re facing, or else you’re going to have to listen to your family gossip about your children for hours. If you don’t have children then definitely do not bring this topic up during a family Christmas Dinner, because all you will get is endless questions about when the grandchildren will arrive!


5.    Politics

Just like religion, politics is something that everyone has different opinions about and, what’s worse, is they can change rapidly. Often age can be the biggest divider when it comes to politics – and come on! You know you don’t want to fight with Grandma tomorrow. Religion and politics can lead to the fiercest debates, things can very quickly heat up and might translate into a poor Christmas dinner!


A Christmas family dinner is special – an opportunity to share a meal with your family and create a stronger bond. So don’t fight or be judgmental! We don’t get to choose our family… but they will stand by us through anything that comes! So make your Christmas Dinner fun and joyful!

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