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5 reasons for choosing a professional translation agency for your website

Do you have a website that needs to be translated into another language? If so, it can be tempting to have this done on the cheap or even use an automatic translation tool, such as Google Translate.

So, why should you enlist the help of a professional translation agency when there is a seemingly easier way? Here are 5 reasons!


  1. Communication. Any good, professional translation agency offers clear and transparent communication so that you can make your needs known. If you are unhappy with any aspect of your translation, your project manager is just a call or an email away and can resolve any issues. This is not the case with a machine translation!
  2. Specialization. Most translation agencies have a team of translators who specialize in various fields. This means that your website will be translated by someone who knows your industry and you are guaranteed to receive a professional end-product, with the correct terminology used.
  3. Proofreading. Did you know that a translation agency will usually have a translator as well as a proofreader working on a translation? With both a translator and a proofreader working on your content (who will ensure that the most suitable terms are used), you can be assured of a high quality translation. Your translation will only be finalized once both parties are 100% happy with the translated text. 
  4. Quality. You sell high quality products or services, so why should your website content not be the same? A poorly translated website with errors due to lack of context and insight will make your potential customers run a mile! However, a professional translation will do wonders for your reputation.
  5. Contextual errors. You can spot a text that has been translated by a machine very clearly. Although it is easy to plug your text into a free tool, the results will be full of contextual errors that will cause confusion and make you look unprofessional. A professional translation, on the other hand, will sound natural, have no mistakes and will help your potential customers understand what service or products you offer. Cheap or free is not always better!

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