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5 Tips on how to choose a translation agency

How to choose your translation agency? The world is fast becoming a global village. Individuals, as well as businesses, have more need to interact with others abroad. The need for better translations is also increasing. The translation industry has become a multi-billion-dollar industry with millions of translators all around the globe. Even at that, though, good help is sometimes hard to find.

That is why you need to keep your eyes preened for the best services you can get out there. Here are some ways to get you just that:


1 How are translations handled?

The first thing you should look at is how the translations are handled.

There are a lot of start-ups today that offer you the chance to get your pieces translated with the aid of software they’ve developed. For many businesses, this is usually the ideal way to go since using software is much cheaper than using a human translator.

The only problem is, software doesn’t work all of the time – and you don’t want to be caught out on the times when they it doesn’t work.

Even Google Translate – which can be argued to be the best translation software out there today – is not without its own flaws. Thus, only trust agencies and company who use human translators rather than depend on software.

2 Put your needs first

There are a thousand and one things you might need to translate from one language into the other. For example, translating a sheet of technical specifications will not be handled the same way you would, say, a term paper.

Likewise, translating certain subjects will need someone with a deeper understanding of both languages so as not to lose any elemental significance in the process.

When choosing a translation agency, ensure they have a proven track record with the kind of project you want them to handle. Speaking of track records…

3 Social proof is important

In this age and time, people don’t necessarily buy from businesses and companies anymore – they now buy from other people.

A translation agency worth its salt will have social proof as to how their services go. This could range from comments on social media to reviews on independent websites. Likewise, you can ask them for past reviews from their clients which they should not be unwilling to share with you.

4 Ask about the translation agency’s speed

A lot of these translation agencies don’t just have the resources who sit in the office. Some of them have these translators living in other countries, which often means working in different time zones.

Before settling on one, make sure you know their standard turnaround times, and if that fits what you are looking for.

5 Other services a translation agency can offer

A lot of other services come with translation, so don’t be shy to ask for value added services. Some companies offer subject-matter experts, desktop publishing capabilities, sworn translations, translation of websites, testing of software, etc.

Another characteristic of a top service is confidentiality. You want to be sure the translator/agency treats your documents as safely as possible.


In conclusion, ask for every other addition that may come with the main package. Ensure you are getting the full deal for your money.

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