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5 Tips: How to take your company international

how to take your company international

Your business just expanded nicely locally. But should you now take your company international? Are currently strategizing towards it – we could not be happier for you. In the same way, we would love nothing more than to see your business flourish in the new space it is entering.

That is why we have curated some of the best pieces of advice you can follow to make that happen.


1 Research Is Key for taking your company international

Before your business is taken beyond the shores of the local market at all, make sure you have done your research into the new market you are entering. Know what competition you will be facing, possible policies for/ against your business model and every other best business practice over there.

Likewise, check to see if there is interest in your product/ the kind of service you are selling at all.


2 Learn the Language

This is especially important if you are venturing into a market where your local language is not spoken. Learning the language brings you closer to the people, allowing you communicate better with the target market.

Speaking of communication…


3 Get Quality Business Translations

No matter where you are coming from, chances are high your business already has some promotional materials, branding and such other content in place. The only problem is, these won’t fly in the new market – especially if the same language is not spoken there.

You would, thus, want to get a quality translation agency to handle your business localization. This ensures the brand message can be interpreted into the local language of the target market for better market presence and situation.


4 Seek Out Relationships

We probably shouldn’t be the ones to tell you that networking is as important as any other aspect of the business. It is one thing to have made waves in your local market – but breaking out on the international scene will require your having people on the inside.

That is where networking comes in.

In the same vein, networking puts you in contact with individuals and bodies. You need these people to leverage for better business success in a shorter timeframe. You can always begin your networking online and through domestic trades. But it wouldn’t hurt to travel once in a while to establish quality connections too.


5 Don’t Rush Things

When most businesses go international, it makes sense for them to focus on one international market at a time. When they have established themselves in that market, they can move on to other markets – if need be.

This makes it possible to ensure you don´t overstretch resources during the expansion process. It, likewise, provides a learning avenue against further expansion in the future.



To conclude, make sure your research is solid and you have localization on lock. Then you can focus on every other business-growing aspect. You won´t always have to explain your brand/market.

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