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8 examples of funny translation mistakes

Funny translation mistakes

One reason we’re glad the proposed world language Esperanto hasn´t really caught on; we can still enjoy funny translation mistakes…

Though, for most parts, we are doing a fairly darn good job of it – translating between languages, that is. However, as these examples show, there are still those moments when good intentions aren’t just enough.

You will see in this post, some of the funniest examples of translation gone wrong; which surely makes a case for why you shouldn’t trust Google Translate for your translation job, especially if the final work will be used as a business document or for branding or for signage.

To eat or not to eat here?

Errmm… what’s going on here? Eating Carpet…great, so I can eat here right? Wrong!

Funny translation mistakes – Incoming!

Take cover! …grenade on the premises. Oh, that’s just a fire extinguisher. Is it? Cuz’ I’m not sure anymore.

Stay away!

Some killing machine is on the prowl… Wasn’t that supposed to be “construction in progress?”

Never mind, just stay away from the darn place.

Funny translation mistakes – when should you be worried?

A Welsh signpost tells cyclists “bladder disease has returned.” At least, now you know it’s not just translating into English that’s hard.

As a prove, this Welsh signpost near Cardiff would have cyclists definitely worried for their health.

Now you know what I like and don’t like

No messing around… “if you put your shoes on my face” I’ll unlike you.

Dreamy tiny grass

Well, if you haven’t heard… grasses dream too. Don’t ask me what they dream about.

Time to ‘vaacum’ the shower

Not my words… don’t look at me like that. Ask these guys what they meant.

Help is on the way

You don’t have to ‘soil’ your hands…we’ve got your back.

While you’re rolling on the floor with laughter, these epic translation fails hits home the need to not rely on Google translate – it literally spills out whatever you type in without any context.


Professional translation services not only translate your document to the desired language, they add a human touch to your text; plus take into consideration the nuances of the target language.

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